· CY-400 automatic cube Cream Candy production line
· CY-98 (Center Filled)Hard Candy Production Line
· CY-98 (Center Filled)Creamy Candy Production Line
· CY-800 Multi-Function Rotary Cutting and Forming Production
· CY-98 lollipop Production Line
· CY-300 Crutch Candy production Line
· CY-250 Cylindrical Creamy Candy Production Line
· CYYB-250 type Irregular lollipop production line
· CYYB-260 Irregular lollipop packing machine
· CY-S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine
· CY-840 Full-Automatic Spherical Lollipop Twist Packing Machine
· CY-98ⅠComputer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-98ⅡComputer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-800 Computer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-280/450A Multi-Function Automatic Packaging Machine
· CY-50 Automatic food forming and cutting machine
· Creamy Candy Flatting Cutting Machine
· Crisp Candy Forming Machine
· CY-800 Multi-function Rotary Cutting and Forming Machine
· CY-340 Multi-function Candy Forming Machine
· CYYB-250/600 Irregular lollipop forming machine
· CY-400 Lollipop Forming Machine
· CY-500 Big Lollipop Forming Machine
· CY-400 Cream Candy Cutting and Forming Machine
· CYYB-250/600 Irregular lollipop forming machine
· CY-260 Extruding machine
· Mixing pot storage tank and cooling plate
· Vacuum Sugar cooking machine
· Electric heating sugar boiler
· Electricity &steam mixing sugar boiler
· mixer
· CY-98 Heat preservation Batch Roller and Rope Sizer
· CY-150 kneading machine
· CY-600 stripe-cutting machine
· CY-6E3 Blending machine/Mixer
· CY-98S White-drawing Machine
· CY-150 peanut crusher


   Dongtai Chaoyang Food Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of food machinery and has been in the industry for over 30 years. We are strong in technical force, custom design and international services. Our solutions to food machinery cover food packing machines and candy machines of all kinds. We can also provide excellent solutions to a complete food production line concerning cutting, forming and packing.
    Located in Jiangsu, the most active province in Business in China, our company is three hours drive away from Nanjing (the capital of Jiangsu Province) and four hours drive away from Shanghai (the biggest commercial city in China or even East Asia) with great transportation convenience. Welcome to our company!
We are committed to providing you with the best products, perfect service and fast delivery at the most competitive price.
    For details of our products, you can see the pages of products. Thank you!


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